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[Autres] Scripteur/Codeur

Posté : 31 mai 2018, 17:04
par OHally
I have experience with mod packages including:
Operation NorthStar (Arma2);
Canadian Armed Forces (Arma3);
Aggressors (Arma3);
T10 Parachutes (Arma3);
OHally Boats (Arma 2/3);
Horizon Islands Defence Forces (Arma3).

I would like to lend a hand where and when I can. I am particularly familiar with config files and some scripting. I can also manage in Object Builder and model.cfg files.

My time is limited but I would love to help get this mod released.


Re: [Autres] Scripteur/Codeur

Posté : 11 juin 2018, 14:03
par Calden
Hello and sorry for the late answer.
Our current needs being focused on 3D artists and 3D animator, we could not use your help at the moment, but we thank you for your interest!